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We’ve got you covered in sexy leggings, shorts, and pants.

Our bottoms are famous! Our gorgeous muse, Peta, a rock musician loves to perform in OtherWorld Fashion punk and rock pants. And check out our shorts starring in an action clip reminiscent of Lara Croft.

We have gothic style pants, sleek sexy leggings, and explorer shorts for your next fashion adventure.

Discover the huge range of unique looks you can create with OtherWorld Fashion bottoms!

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Vintage Vixen Pants

These pants bring back nostalgic memories of rocker days, wearing tight leather pants with bell bottoms rocking out to Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and Black Sabbath. Leatherette form fitting hip hugger..


Tomb Raider shorts

The most badass shorts we have ever seen! They have that Gothic, punk, rocker, just-mauled-by-a-tiger look that will set you apart from the neat-and-tidy crowd! These shorts have a lot going on includ..


Nora Croft shorts

Be ready for your next adventure in these sexy and intricately designed shorts adorned with netting, rivets, and buckles. Zip up the front, and buckle up the two straps that wrap around your leg like ..


Punk Splash jeans

Sexy punk rocker, goth, or biker chick, these pants are tough and insanely hot! Splashes of copper on black leatherette pants, the danger is in the knees! Spikey rivets surround the knee area where y..